Rising from Medina, Ohio, singer, dancer and actress Taylor Esposito has burst onto the scene with an ambition that is palpable “I make sure I do it, I get in the studio, I put in the work and I hustle hard”. Having been influenced by artists such as Michael Jackson, Beyoncé and Rihanna, Taylor’s voice has a richness and a unique tone that is undeniably captivating.

Finding purpose and passion in her music, Taylor takes being a recording artist seriously and is meticulous about arrangements, vocals, writing and refuses to release anything that is less than perfection.”I’m a perfectionist with my craft. Every vocal, every song, every sound has to be on point! I will stay in the studio for however long it takes, because I know how I want my music to sound”.

Taylor also fully understands her role as an influencer and is constantly looking to inspire her peers and her community. Helping them to understand that your background and where you come from can play a small part in your identity but does not determine whether you realize your dream or not YOU determine that, and you hold the power to do so. 

Taylor uses her music and her personality to connect with her audience, not only as consumers but as family, inviting them on her journey with her.

Through her music Taylor delivers soul, passion, confidence, boldness and an inner strength that flows from her voice through your speakers. She has a talent that is simply unique, simply undeniable, simply…Taylor